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We are a non-profit state federation. Our membership includes women and men of every age, race, religion, political party and socio-economic background. We are a leading advocate on work-life balance and workplace equity issues.

In this section, you will read recent news releases and advocacy concerns as well as view our opinion editorials and letters to the editor. Members of the press who are writing about issues of concern to working women are encouraged to contact our Communications Committee at [email protected].

Latest News

by Claire Knowles

Moving Forward... Conscious of Our Choice of Words!

Our busy days unfold like the Page-a-Day calendar that quickly melds into weeks, months and years. As time flitters by we internally crave meaning and fulfillment in our lives – hoping that we won’t look back some day and regretfully say, “Is that all there is?” or, “Success...but at what cost?”

Deep in our hearts we know that we are the managers of our own lives. Solely responsible! Dr. Phil frequently affirms this self-knowledge. So how can we best affect the outcomes throughout our lives?

by Joyce DeLong

Writing a Short Note Goes a Long Way

SHUT DOWN THE COMPUTER. TURN OFF THE cellphone. Disconnect the fax machine. If you want to send a message that’s sure to be well received, write a note.

by Amy Kellogg

Effective Advocacy: Communicating with your State Legislator

In 2015, then-immediate past president of NYS Women, Inc., Amy Kellogg, gave a presentation on effective political advocacy at that year’s spring board in April at the Griffiss Institute in Rome. Here are the highlights; and take special notice of the dates the legislature is in session. Advocating for an issue when your legislator isn’t in Albany, isn’t a good use of your time!

by Claire Knowles

Finding my voice. . . because my destiny is calling

It was George Bernard Shaw, famous playwright, who penned this keeper:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself!”

When we create ourselves, we bring something into existence, we manifest. We cause a part of us to come into being – intentionally, deliberately. Our hidden voice wants to be heard . . . yet where and why is it hidden?

from Robin Bridson

Using Your Voice

HELLO EVERYONE! How is your year going so far? Are you getting into the swing of things with your chapters and regions? This is an exciting time for NYS Women, Inc.! We are one hundred years old! Pass the cake!

President Renee's farewell message
At conference, we had a member's celebration during Friday night's dinner. President Renee gave her farewell message, stating its our turn to be the teachers/mentors as so many have done for us.
2016-2017 Officer Nominations

Do you have great ideas and thoughts about the future direction of this organization? Do you want to serve as a leader? Do you want to make an impact? If so, we need you! We are seeking good people to run for the offices of President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

October Meeting Wrap up

What an amazing weekend we had in Syracuse for the October Meeting. The weekend was full of laughing, networking, learning and education. It was so great to see so many women helping and supporting each other. Everyone was so positive and supportive. I think everyone left the meeting re-energized to move this organization to the next level.

Grand Island Chapter presents Women’s Effective Leadership Award for Women in Business

Terry Collins, president of Maroon Technology Ltd. of Grand Island, will receive the Annual Women’s Effective Leadership Award for Women in Business at the June 24 meeting of the Grand Island Professional Women’s Chapter, New York State Women, Inc. at Elldins at River Oaks, Grand Island.

Erie County Legislator Recognizes NYSW President
Renee Cerullo, our President, received a honor from Erie County Legislator Ted Morton for her work in the community and becoming President of NYS Women Inc.