NYS Women Inc - Equal Pay, Womens rights
NYS Women Inc - Equal Pay, Womens rights

Robin Bridson - President Elect

Robin BridsonLocal Chapter: Mohawk Valley and Central NY Chapter

Once New York State Women, Inc. is in your blood, it will always be in your blood. Yes, I want to do it again! I feel so strongly about this organization that even though I have been President-Elect (2017-2019), President (2019-2020), and Immediate Past State President (2020-2022), I want to give back, use my experience, and yes … do it again! We have such a rich history and a great potential to grow! Membership is key. We can’t do it without members. We need to grow our membership and also maintain the members that we have. Think of our membership as a garden that we need to care and feed, support, nurture, and help grow! We can’t let stupid COVID-19 ruin us or hold us back. We need to embrace technology and help those who need it. We need to offer programming that can reach and appeal to all different audiences. We need to get out in the community and advocate for our causes. We need to educate and elevate women around the state. We need to try new things while still maintaining our history and values. Who’s in charge of our success? ALL OF US! Let’s go out there and get the job done!

I am a member of the Mohawk Valley Chapter and Central NY Chapter but also try to attend as many meetings as I can around the state. I have held many offices locally, regionally, and for the state. I am part of CDO and GLEF which are two great organizations that NYSWI partners with.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible and doing great things! Please reach out to me if I can be of any assistance!