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Professional Development Programs

Through regular meetings at the chapter level, we have continuing programs addressing the needs of working women, health issues, planning retirement, financial planning, technology, etc. In addition, the following programs are offered at the state level.

Three of the Personal, Professional and Development (PPD) Programs  - the Career Recognition, New Careerist and Political Development – are mentoring programs culminating in a state-wide competition.

1st Prize $500,   2nd Prize $300,    3rd Prize $200

Athena Military Women's Initiative

NEW PROGRAM! The Athena Military Women's Initiative is a series of workshops to help transition military women into civilian life. Mentoring in the 3 legs of our mission, the Program consists of six stand-alone workshops in personal, professional and political growth, offered as needed or requested by the participants. See Program Guidelines for workshop outlines and helpful hints.

Career Recognition Program

Have you overcome challenges?  Would you like to tell us your story? The Career Recognition Program is the first leg in the PPD programs - - your personal growth. The Career Recognition Speech Competition recognizes the accomplishments of any person able to document in their personal life a challenge they have overcome, an advancement or exceptional achievement. The competition is open to any member (by conference).

New Careerist Program

NEW CAREER?  Have we got a deal for you!  Share the story of your new career by becoming a candidate in the New Careerist Program. The NC program, which is the second leg in the PPD programs, is designed to show your professional growth. The New Careerist Speech Competition recognizes the accomplishments of any person who has changed careers within the last five (5) years, the reason for the change in career and the challenges faced. The competition is open to any member (by conference).

Political Development

Do you have a passion for something you have advocated or want to advocate for?  The Political Development Program  (PD Program) is the third leg of our mission statement - - politically.   To participate, members need to write a letter to their legislator, visit their legislator’s office and tell their success story at conference.  The competition at conference is open to any member (by conference).

Youth Leadership Program 

The Youth Leadership Program is a weekend seminar, which challenges high school girls to new career options by offering workshops, networking and mentoring. The Annual Youth Leadership Conference offers an opportunity to introduce ourselves to women of High School age and to offer them leadership and life programs.