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We are a non-profit state federation. Our membership includes women and men of every age, race, religion, political party and socio-economic background. We are a leading advocate on work-life balance and workplace equity issues.

In this section, you will read recent news releases and advocacy concerns as well as view our opinion editorials and letters to the editor. Members of the press who are writing about issues of concern to working women are encouraged to contact our Communications Committee at [email protected].

Latest News

The Equal Rights Amendment

Illinois became the 37th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment on Wednesday, May 30. This places the Constitutional Amendment one state short of the states needed to be added to the Constitution.

This Amendment states that equality of rights “shall not be denied by the U. S. or any state on account of sex.”

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the kick-off of New York State Women's Suffrage
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the kick-off of New York State Women's Suffrage 100th Anniversary Commemoration Commission, which will be responsible for a series of statewide programs that celebrate women's suffrage in New York State.
NYS Governor's Executive Orders 161 & 162

Two Executive Orders submitted by Governor Cuomo, 161 & 162, at his recent State of State meeting. These are the result of the advocacy of 120 Womens' Organizations, including NYS Women, Inc. 

PowHer the Vote

Workplaces need to change to catch-up with the realities of the 21st Century workforce. Paid Leave, Sick Days, Predictable Schedules and Flextime are key policies employees, employers, and our elected leaders must address to create a workplace for women to succeed and for our economy to flourish.

Need A Reason to Vote!

Election Day is weeks away. The tension mounts as the candidates and their surrogates make their last efforts to reach into the heart of America to attract voters. Polls change daily. Candidates jab home their messages and the election frenzy reaches a new pitch with each passing day.

Written by Pauline W. Hoffmann, Ph.D.

History in the Making - Hillary Clinton's Historic Nomination

Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination by a major political party as a candidate for president of the United States put more cracks in the proverbial glass ceiling but notice that the ceiling has not come crashing down.

New Family-Leave Policy for NYS

We should be proud to live in a state where our elected officials fight for the rights of working people, such as earning a living wage, and having paid family leave. Because women make up a majority of those earning minimum wage, and are often the care takers of children and other family members, this new budget will benefit the women of this state!

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Makes Emotional Plea For Paid Family Leave
Women make up a majority of those earning the minimum wage, which has not kept pace with the rate of inflation over the last 50 years. Many of the modern, industrial nations of the world, our allies, have much higher minimum wages, without the disastrous consequences predicted by those who oppose raising the minimum wage. In fact, each of those states that have raised their minimum wages have experienced job growth much higher than that in every single state that did not raise the minimum wage. This is because raising the minimum wage pumps millions into local economies, providing a massive stimulus effect.
Workplace Advancement Act vs Paycheck Fairness Act

As early as next week, your Senators will get a chance to vote on the so-called "Workplace Advancement Act." Conservatives are claiming it's an equal pay bill — but in reality, it would do more harm than good for women.

General Election Day is November 3rd

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 is general election day in New York. All registered voters are eligible to vote during the general election. The 2015 elections will be for local offices only. There is one special election for a statewide office this year in the Binghamton, NY area. The former Senator for the area, Senator Tom Libous, was convicted on federal charges and forced to resign his seat. This left an opening, and the Governor called a special election for this election to fill the vacant seat.