NYS Women Inc - Equal Pay, Womens rights

President's Message

Robin Bridson

It is an honor to be here at the helm to serve the women in New York State. This is a dream come true and 2020 is a new decade full of dreams for many. However, this new decade is also full of challenges that will provide opportunities to improve the status of women, thus improving the lives of all. Our mission is “To build powerful women personally, professionally, and politically”; and the vision “to make a difference in the lives of working women”.

To accomplish our goals, we need Clear Vision, Clear Leadership. We need to connect with you the member and you who are interested in our organization.

  • Have you found your voice; is it being heard? We are here to help.
  • Do you envision improving your leadership skills? We can help.
  • Do you need to improve your public speaking skills to ready yourself for a better position? We have a program for you.
  • Do you know a woman desperately trying to juggle home, work and returning to college to improve her lot? We have many local chapters which have scholarship programs for these women. 
  • Do you want to connect with women in business to further your career? We have over 400 members across the state ready to work with you.

Membership in New York State Women, Inc. is an opportunity for women to enhance self-confidence, thus finding their voice.  Women make up over 50% of the population. We have the power to make a difference. Membership promotes connecting with women, not only in our community and workplace, but across the state from Staten Island to the Adirondacks to Buffalo and the Southern Tier. 

Your Executive Board, Region Directors, Committee Chairs, are here to listen and provide opportunities for growing and nurturing your passion to succeed.

“Leadership is taking care of yourself and empowering others to do the same.”
-Abby Wambach

Jacquie Shellman
President – NYS Women, Inc.