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President's Message

Jacquie Shellman

To serve as the President of New York State women is certainly an honor for me.  During the last two pandemic years of challenges, we have all experienced, our organization has remained strong. Using the technological tools and creativity of our leadership team, we have continued to work diligently to keep our members connected and energized. We are at a very pivotal time for women with changes in the workplace – for many it is now at home - and the need to adapt to these changes and choose a path highlights the purpose of our organization.

 Our mission to connect and build powerful women personally, professionally and politically resonates as clearly today as it did over 100 years ago when our organization was founded. We are at a crossroads of renewal and New York State Women have developed a strategic plan of action whose implementation has already begun.  It is a multiphase plan involving all facets of our organization and while there are point people leading the charge to action, there is a key role of action for all our members. 

As an organization of women helping women, our vision is to empower women to use their voices to create positive change. We offer opportunities for growth at all levels for women looking to improve their leadership, public speaking and communication skills and to develop their self-confidence. We also provide mentorship through our personal and professional development program, as well as mentor those who may be making a career change. We recognize that the strength of each individual results in a stronger collective strength and with many strong voices we can advocate for positive changes in not only our personal and professional lives but for those of all working women.

There are many opportunities in NYS Women to discover where and how your voice can make a difference. Your key role may be at the local chapter, regional or state level. In attending and being a vocal part of local community chapter meetings – your observations, collaboration, questions and concerns can spark action. Our publications - monthly newsletter the Communicator and quarterly journal the NIKE highlight activities, actions and issues concerning women across the state.  Our state meetings and annual conference provide excellent opportunities for networking, development and growth.

As you navigate our website and Facebook pages, you will discover a welcoming, diverse and passionate group of women on a mission to empower each of us. I encourage you to CHOOSE YOUR PATH and MOVE!  Action is doing and YOU CAN   DO IT!

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women”.  Maya Angelou