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NYS Legislation

To find the contact information for the members of the State Assembly from your area, go to this New York State Assembly webpage:  http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/

Current Legislation

Women's Equality Act - There are 10 provisions of the Women's Equality Act.

  1. Strengthening laws that require Equal Pay for Equal Work (Senate Bill 5872)
  2. Ending Sexual Harassment on the job for Every Employee (Senate Bill 5873)
  3. Allowing for Attorney’s Fees in Employment, Credit, and Housing Sex Discrimination Cases (Senate Bill 5874)
  4. Ending Familial Status Discrimination (Senate Bill 5875)
  5. Ending Discrimination in Housing based on Domestic Violence Victim Status & Source of Income (S.5876)
  6. Ensuring that Victims of Domestic Violence are not punished for “violating” their own Order of Protection (Senate Bill 5877)
  7. Creating a Pilot Program for Remote Access to Orders of Protection (Senate Bill 5878)
  8. Strengthening laws against Human Trafficking (Senate Bill 5879)
  9. Ending Pregnancy Discrimination (Senate Bill 5880)
  10. Safeguarding Reproductive Health (Senate Bill 5881*)

Recent Activity:

What we can do

It is important to inform our elected officials in the State Senate and Assembly that we want them to pass this legislation. We can call their offices, write them letters, send messages on their websites. If possible, visit them in their district offices to speak about this legislation.  We asked one of the Assembly members, what can we do to get this legislation passed? He told us, convince the women’s organizations to support passing the bill as individual components, rather than as one bill. When our voices are combined with those of women from other organizations from all over the state, we can make a powerful force. We think we should advocate for passing the bills individually: the ball is now in the court of the State Assembly. Contact members of the Assembly, and urge them to pass the individual bills that have been passed by the State Senate! We might not get all of the provisions passed at this time, but we can work on what remains in the future, after we have elected more members to the State Senate who would support our legislation.