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Reality Store Information

The Reality Store, which is trademarked by BPW Indiana, is a financial simulation allowing high school students (ages 15-18) to choose their future careers and make decisions about their lifestyles based on their financial savvy.   The Career Development Opportunities Inc, 501 C (3) members have been sponsoring the New York State Women Inc Youth Leadership Conference for the last several years by presenting the Reality Store to high school students.

The best way to explain what happens at the Reality Store is its similarity to a “Human Monopoly Game” Students learn about financial responsibilities (whether or not they have enough money to buy Baltic Avenue or Park Place) Utilities, Transportation as well as other life choices.  Students literally walk from table to table and make a decision regarding what they can or cannot afford, based on their individual circumstances. 

The Reality Store is a fun simulation that helps students connect academic achievement with the kind of lifestyle they envision for themselves after graduation. Students are assigned salaries based on their career selection. Then, they proceed from table to table (staffed by volunteers) to buy housing, transportation, groceries, insurance, furniture, clothing, electronics, vacations, utilizes, child care, pets, electronics, and other real life elements.