NYS Women - Business Organization

Visual Identity Guidelines

  1. What logo should I use?  
    Use YOUR NYS Women, Inc. chapter logo. To help maintain a recognizable, strong, consistent brand for NYS Women, Inc. throughout the state, use YOUR chapter logo as it is provided on the state website.  (If you cannot access your logo on the website, please contact Communications at [email protected] and it will be e-mailed directly to you.)

    The logos provided to chapters may not be altered in any way. Do not separate the “squares” from the typography. Do not change the color(s) of the logo or add additional type or graphics to it. Do not add shadows or special effects to the logo. Do not distort the proportions. 

  2. What are the colors used in the logo?  Can I change them?  
    You must use the logo as provided.  There are two acceptable color variations of the logo:  2-color version (dark blue with bright green); or 1-color version (black).  If your chapter prints its identity materials (letterhead, envelope, and/business card) the colors to specify for your printer are PMS 294 and PMS 368. If you are using the logo for other chapter uses (name badges, signage, etc.) ask your vendor to match the PMS colors (the dark blue is PMS 294; bright green is PMS 368).

    We have been asked about the other shares of blue. Starting from the upper left square...

    PMS 294    PMS 294 (85 percent)
    PMS 368    PMS 294 (50 percent)

  3. My chapter already has a graphic we use: can I put it next to our new chapter logo?
    You can use your “chapter’s graphic,” but your new logo identifies you as part of NYS Women, Inc.  Additional “chapter graphics” must not compete in size or location with your NYS Women, Inc. chapter logo and cannot be placed next to your NYS Women, Inc. chapter logo.  

  4. What fonts should I use?
    Preferred fonts for printed materials such as newsletters, brochures, fact sheets, press releases, and information on chapter websites are (in order):  1.) Helvetica;  2.) Arial;  or  3.) Times Roman

    NYS Women, Inc. chapters have latitude on the fonts for promotional materials such as posters, themed events (such as fundraisers or auctions), and invitations. However, no changes of any kind may be made to the logo itself.  

  5. Can my chapter create logo merchandise (such as scarves, lapel pins, pens, or mugs)?
    Yes, but first the design must be submitted to Communications.  Any chapter that wishes to create/manufacture and distribute/sell NYS Women, Inc. items incorporating the logo, must submit a design to the Communications Team first.  Communications will make sure all product designs are approved by the Executive Committee before anything is manufactured.
  6. Can we produce our own Chapter marketing materials?
    Yes but they must be approved by the Communications Team first.

Questions?  Please e-mail [email protected].