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Steuben County Women - Making good in crazy times

Steuben County Women - Making good in crazy times

Author: Communications Committee/Friday, September 4, 2020/Categories: Chapter News

Things the Steuben County Women have been doing since the Covid pandemic has taken over. We have had to cancel so many things that we stood back and figured out some other things that we could do. That is what women do , RIGHT !

We have made and given the residents of a local nursing home ear savers and made note cards for each of the residences just to say have a nice day. And we plan on continuing this each month. Also made thank you note cards and an American flag tac pin and given to each of the workers there. Also carry these with me and hand them out to essential workers : grocery clerks, gas station attendants, nurses and workers at Dr offices, cash out workers, Drive thrus etc.

Made baby blankets to give to the pregnancy center to give to new mothers.

Made and gave hats to a cancer center plus port savers that you can put on your seat belt so it won't rub on the port. We have a member that has cancer and this center has been so good to her we wanted to give back.

Helping the local Historical Society that gives the local veterans a dinner to honor them on Veterans day. We will be there with gifts and to honor each veteran.

Planning on the Christmas holiday for the Domestic Violence shelter. We give items for the residents so they can have something for Christmas. Also we honor the workers there and give them thank you gifts for all the work they do.

Things have had to be canceled for what we do for the Humane Society but we are collecting bottles and cans for them. We annually do a cookie sale each December but unless things change that will have to wait until next year.

We have a business that is raffling off a crocheted American Flag or blue line police flag and donating all proceeds to us for our local scholarship.

Planning for next year hoping it will be a much better year for all.

Lois Force, President Steuben County Women.


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