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President's Message - "It's A Wonderful Life!"

President's Message - "It's A Wonderful Life!"

Author: Communications Committee/Thursday, October 13, 2016/Categories: General

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Happy Holidays to all! As we joyously celebrate with family and friends and give gifts of love, remember to generously use your talents to serve NYS Women, Inc.

One of my favorite, classic holiday films that is a perfect illustration of giving and the resulting consequences is – “It’s A Wonderful Life”. In one scene, Jimmy Stewart as George Bayley, attempts to quell a run on his bank by frightened depositors. He tells them that they can get through this thing by sticking together and having faith in each other. Throughout George’s childhood through adulthood, he gave of himself numerous times by rescuing and saving people and changing people’s lives. When things get so desperate George tells a ‘Guardian Angel’ he wishes he was never born. In turn the Guardian Angel grants him his wish and shows George what would have happened to everyone if George was never born – most disastrous! George is shown, how by giving, each person’s life touches so many other lives. You will probably never get the opportunity to have a Guardian Angel show you how your giving and service can lead to changes in lives and surroundings but it does happen and George, by helping those in need, was rewarded by all those whom he had helped when he desperately needed assistance.

The morale of this film is – ‘no person is a failure who has friends’. And, my sisters, giving your time and talents to serve and help others can lead to friendship in so many ways. It really is “A Wonderful Life!”

And all your efforts can continue on into the New Year. As you share your gifts and experiences with others not only will you be blessed but you will help NYS Women, Inc. to grow even better and inspire women, help them advance in their careers and succeed in every aspect of their lives.

Additionally, don’t forget to look on the website under Programs for the Awards which will be given out at the June Conference. I hope that Chapters are actively sponsoring and participating in Events and working on the categories which accumulate points for the Presidential Award. That is a wonderful way to contribute your time and talents to the Organization. You want to shine in your endeavors!!

I wish everyone a healthy and Happy New Year!!!

By Theresa Fazzolari NYS Women, Inc. President, 2016/2017


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