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We are a non-profit state federation. Our membership includes women and men of every age, race, religion, political party and socio-economic background. We are a leading advocate on work-life balance and workplace equity issues.

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Career Recognition Speakoffs at State Conference

Author: Communications Committee/Tuesday, June 11, 2013/Categories: General

1st candidate - Roberta Hayes from the Richmond County Chapter

Roberta Hayes  has her PHD in Immunology and Microbiology and is an assistant professor at one of the local colleges on Staten Island.

After living with an abusive husband and worked with men in power  in her academic departments that belittled women throughout her career.

Moved on and now considers herself to be a science and health educator and an advocate for many who are sick and less fortunate.

Her charity is called The Children's Cord Blood Bank.  Mission is to raise Public Awareness, so that all women, and all parents, can have the option to donate their baby's new born's umbilical cord blood cells to other children and adults diagnosed with blood cancers, anemias and genetic illness.

Roberta's ultimate goal is to open Public Bank in Staten Island and have Public banks in every state.

2nd candidate - Erin Talyor Talcott - Susquehanna Chapter

Erin is a race walker not a power walker, a speed walker, or  a walk racer.  Erin is a race walker and chances are she can walk faster than anyone can run. She competes in Olympic events that's been around since 1908.  Erin has gotten to see the world keep herself healthy, and received scholarship money for college  Volunteering  at senior centers and giving walking classes gives her satisfaction.

Against all odds she became the first women in history to compete in ANY men's Olympic Trials event.  She was harassed from women why she wanted to run. some women did support her so when she was racing she was not only racing for herself but for women everywhere.

History was mad when she came in 6th in the men's 50K Olympic Trials, broke three national records, and even beat an Olympian.



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