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Pioneering the Pandemic with Superpowers, Simplicity & Sanity

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Virtual Meeting

Nancy Rizzo, Certified Life Coach and Creator of Mindset Navigation™ System

LET’S DO THIS! Let’s tell our brains what to do “new story,” instead of our brains telling us what to do “old story!” Let’s create a new and better understanding of and relationship with our brain. Let’s produce the brain chemistry that will make it so much easier – Oxytocin versus Cortisol - to lock in flow versus grappling! Let’s rewire habit that serves us - instead of waking up every morning and wondering why nothing in our lives has changed!

YOU GOT THIS! Nancy is known as a mindset expert, positivity guru, and “your keep it simple coach.” She will lead you to more transformation using less information with her ABC’s, some Life Tools, and Words to create your world!

MINDSET FOR IMMUNE SYSTEM! This is no time to allow negative neurochemistry to rule your wellness! It’s time to minimize stress and cortisol and be as proactive and preventative as possible to stay healthy and well! That means Mindset First - Action Second using Mindset Navigation™!

Nancy Rizzo is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Conversational Intelligence® Coach and Licensed New Life Story Wellness™ Coach with trademarked systems that have created life-changing results for her clients over the past 12 years. They answer the important question “How?” How do we successfully navigate and overcome personal and professional challenges before they sideline or anchor us for way too long? And how do we stay positive through that process? We may feel like we know “the How” intellectually, but are we actually successfully executing it; or are we ineffectively grappling through it? Nancy teaches: “You are here for a purpose, and you are meant to be happy!” Mindset Navigation™ keeps us on The Joy Road and off The Depletion Road!

Nancy presents a very compelling workshop because neuroscience has proven that it’s consistently making mindful choices that rewire the brain and finally create lasting change. Your brain hormones that produce calm or stress will either support or impede these efforts. Bottom line is that you need this dynamic duo of mindset & chemistry working in unison! Now, from clarity, resourcefulness, optimism, trust, and more, you can effectively and productively execute sustaining personal and professional change, make the best choices, and reach aspirations – and do it from a place of JOY! That’s where you are worthy and deserving to be! Join us to learn what all that means and more!

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Contact: Robin Bridson


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