What is NYS Women Inc?

Our Vision is to empower women to use their voices to create positive change.

NYS Women Inc helps connect and build powerful women personally, professionally, and politically. We foster the success of women in the workforce throughout New York; offering career advancement resources, work/life strategies, leadership development, personal and professional connections, and much more!


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Veteran’s & Community Housing Coalition Presentation

Veteran’s & Community Housing Coalition Presentation

Michelle Viola Straight gave an update on the “Foreverly House”. Foreverly House is a home to be developed for homeless veteran moms and their children.

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President's Message

President's Message

It is an honor to serve the women of New York State for a second term 2021-2022. This past year we met the challenges of COVID and continue to adapt to the new “normal”.

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NYSW - Athena Military Women's Initiative

NYSW - Athena Military Women's Initiative

2021 Center for Women Veterans Women Veteran Trailblazers 2.0 Initiative

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