Region V

Regional Director: Helen Rico

Assistant Regional Director: Audrey MacDougall

Secretary: Maureen Fogarty

Treasurer: Denise Walker

Important News / Info:

"Recruiting and Retaining Club Membership in a Digital World"

With so many organizations vying for the same members, how do you get new members for your organization and how do you keep the ones you have? Can Social Media help? #YES! 

(Presenter:  Robin Bridson)


"Telling Your Story"

Do you have a story that's just waiting to come out? Learn how to "crack" the Nuts and Bolts of putting together your PPD (or any) presentation!  (Presenter:  Neale Steiniger)


"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Still Going Strong!"

Why are the habits that Dr. Stephen R. Covey wrote about in 1989 still a best seller? Because they make sense!  Hear a little bit about each habit and how you too can become highly effective! (Presenter:  Robin Bridson)


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