NYS Women Inc - Equal Pay, Womens rights

Shirley Ann Felder-Vice President

Local Chapter: Professional Women of Sullivan County

I am Shirley Felder, CEO of Ordinary Greatness. I am a certified life coach and a motivational speaker. I’ve spent over 24 years literally sorting through people’s trash Shirley Ann Felderas CEO of a sanitation and recycling company that has done over $65 million in gross revenue. I have employed over 100 men and helped 10 women move from welfare to work. During the last 4 years I’ve set out to further my lives mission by helping women sort through the trash, also known as blockers, in their lives. I’ve learned how to take my lessons learned to reduce stress, avoid breakdowns, and increase personal wealth while improving personal health.

My purpose is to use my humor and life experiences to deliver authentic messages to motivate and inspire people to love themselves and treat others with respect.

 I know that I have always spoken truthfully and respectfully and cleared the air for others to feel free to do the same. I know for the time I was holding local chapter Presidency and President elect position our membership had the largest youthful enrollment our organization had seen in some time. I know that I have opened hearts and minds to think before they react or are so quick to shoot down someone else’s ideas. I know that I have brought an authentic approach to anything I’ve taken the floor and spoke about. Most important I know that I have grown as a women and a leader by being a part of this organization for 20 years.