NYS Women Inc - Equal Pay, Womens rights

Jacqueline Shellman - President-Elect

Jacquie ShellmanLocal Chapter: Member at Large

“Put forth...better impulses, straightforward... unafraid”. These character traits were there in 1977 when I joined BPW/NYS. Within 12 years and wonderful mentorship, I was elected local VP, President, finally culminating in ADD and DD.

As member of my local, I led movements to award savings bond to first baby girl born at local hospital during National Business Women’s Week and to award scholarship to high school senior girl in one of the surrounding high schools where our members lived. About 11 years ago, our local was going to fold (no one wanted to lead) so I stepped in as President again. I introduced a “shadowing concept”, where a new member teamed up with seasoned member. This provided a sense of immediate belonging while learning the ropes, leaving door open to changes, avoiding mantra “we have always done it this way before”. 

As ARD/RD District VII grew to 14 clubs. A “Sister Club” concept was established enabling members to better know one another and build sense of team. A new membership growth award created-the Shamrock award.  About 5 years ago I was again elected RD. Region VII has 5 very active locals. Two continue to hold successful Youth Leadership programs. As Region Scholarship Chair I worked with 2 PSPs to revise criteria to encourage more applications.

As NYSW, Inc. Vice President I was appointed liaison to advocacy & membership committees. I helped choose sites, plan events to ensure meetings not only empower our members professionally, personally, and politically, but are also fun, making the trip and expenses worthwhile. Running for your President-Elect I am again “putting forth...better impulses, straightforward and unafraid”.

Retired from University of Rochester; Board Member, NY Grace LeGendre Endowment Fund, Inc.; Distributor, Young Living Essential Oil; Vestry member, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. Continue to support maple production enterprise in Prattsburgh.  Daughter Rachel is third grade teacher in Mt. Morris, NY.