NYS Women Inc - Equal Pay, Womens rights

Denise Murphy - Secretary

Local Chapter: St. Lawrence

I’m a blue-collar girl.

I’ve been a laundry-room aide, bartender, coat-check girl, certified nurse’s aide, file clerk and junior secretary both before and after college then I started my career as a newspaper reporter. I retired in 2018, and I am now a small-business owner - and I’m one of the millions of women who tries every day to stimulate positive change.

It’s why I joined the local chapter of New York State Women Inc., became a chapter president and recently joined the Executive Committee as Recording Secretary.

The EC is a cohesive leadership team with divergent backgrounds, experiences and passions, and all of us are striving to make lives better for other women.

I realized lately that it has been the women I worked with or worked for who either enriched me or enraged me into the actions that changed me and my attitude for the better.

I’m finding the same is true the longer I am a member of NYSW Inc.

Each woman of influence in my life was shaped by her choices, and at some point, each had to be willing and ready to change.

I am eager to explore and embrace the possibilities before me as I define my role with the EC and find ways to use my skills to stimulate positive change.